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by Richard Sharp

Jun 23 - Jul 30, 2017

Directed by Richard Sharp. Starring Laurelle Barnette, Gregory Schoonover, Rayna Ortiz, Brian Sheridan, Toni Young, Sarah Mosby, Jeff Walters.

SUDS is about the funny, poignant, romantic and thought-provoking things that happen with people who are forced, for one reason or another, to use a coin op laundromat. In it we meet a handful of interesting characters:

Emily, the laundromat owner;

Al, a 50-ish smooth talking car lot owner and salesman who underneath has a really good heart;

Peter, a 40-ish substitute teacher who is still trying to make love and life work out the way he thinks they should;

Stephanie, a 30-ish woman who is not quite sure what she wants, but definitely what she doesn’t;

and various laundromat patrons, among them: a hysterical woman who's lost her wedding ring;

a pregnant lady with a large brood;

a woman who enjoys a full-blown picnic while doing her laundry;

an eager beaver travel agent;

a laundry machine repair man;

a man with such limited wardrobe that he washes everything he owns while wrapped in a towel; and others, all played by four actors.

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